Paula discusses investment for Dewsbury with local Barclays Branch

PaulaBarclays.jpgLast week Paula met with her local Dewsbury Barclays Bank branch to discuss a number of issues.  Topics discussed were an apprenticeship scheme, paying the living wage, and investment in small and medium enterprises to help rejuvenate Dewsbury town centre.


Before the General Election, the Chancellor said that within 100 days of a Conservative Government, Dewsbury would become an Enterprise Zone.  Dewsbury becoming an Enterprise Zone means that new businesses and businesses that choose to move premises will be exempt from paying business rates for 5 years.


Paula said, “It is now 90 days since the election, so the Government has 10 more days to fulfil this pledge, and yet there has been no sign of progress.  The local Dewsbury branch of Barclays are ready and willing to help Dewsbury town centre, I just hope the government don’t let us down again.  I will continue to push the Chancellor to make good on his promise.

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