Say NO to Blue Badge Parking Charges at Dewsbury Hospital

untitled.pngFrom the 1st September the Mid Yorks NHS Trust will start charging disabled blue badge holders to park at it's hospitals including Dewsbury & District Hospital.


Paula Sherriff MP for Dewsbury has launched a campaign to call on the Chief Executive of the Mid Yorks NHS Trust to scrap these unfair charges.


These changes are not fair. Disabled patients often find it much harder to use public transport, and may also have to attend hospital appointments more frequently.


Please sign Paula's petition to call on Mid Yorks NHS Trust to scrap these unfair charges.

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  • signed 2015-10-11 13:22:53 +0100
    This is shameful.
  • signed 2015-09-23 22:28:58 +0100
    I think its disgusting that we should have to pay, think what they need to do is get wardens to check the validity of the blue badges displayed in the cars parked in the disabled bays,they are not valid if they only showing 1 part of the badge, because according to the blue badge hand book a disabled badge displayed in a car is not valid unless its got both the clock part and the expiry date part. Both me and my 74yo disabled mother display both parts of our disabled badges and display both our badges.
  • signed 2015-09-15 12:14:08 +0100
  • signed 2015-09-10 15:12:09 +0100
    Total lack of any attempt to prioritise patient care v’s use of expensive management consultants! They really know how to waste money – it’s shocking!
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  • signed 2015-09-05 22:04:15 +0100
    This is a disgrace my dad has to go weekly to Dewsbury hospital, he is a pensioner living in council accommodation. Paid his taxes all his life and now they want to charge him to go for his weekly appointment that he has to attend or could be a life changing situation if he doesn’t. Nothing like taking more from the poor!!
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    Sign the petition: Say NO to Blue Badge Parking Charges at Dewsbury Hospital Sign the Petition Here
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  • signed 2015-09-05 13:02:52 +0100
    I have 2 relatives who are blue badge holders & both regularly visit Dewsbury hospital for various reasons. There are hardly any disabled parking spaces as it at the hospital & I think it will be a disgrace for the hospital if they bring charges in for those who are blue badge holders.
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    This is another travesty for disabled people
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    Unfair payments by money grabbing authorities that waste £1000’s
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    Sign the petition: Say NO to Blue Badge Parking Charges at Dewsbury Hospital Sign the Petition Here
  • signed 2015-09-01 17:23:44 +0100
    I would rather give a donation than charge disabled people to park their cars and possibly have to negotiate the car park and hospital in their wheelchair. It would then be necessary to request the help of a hospital porter to assist – at a much greater cost!
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    The disabled may have numerous Appts therefore at a great cost the most vulnerable once again
  • signed 2015-08-31 12:23:53 +0100
    It is disgusting that the C/E would do a thing like this, but that is how he is!!!